Got Code?

Encryption Checker

Some of you may remember my project Encryption Checker (previously Encryptor). You may also have remembered the extreme lack of features it had. Today, I decided to come back to the project, seeing as I am much more experienced in C# now.

Encryption Checker is a Windows and Mac utility that can quickly, and easily, generate MD5 and SHA1 checksums. It is also capable of encrypting text strings. Not only that, it can also automatically copy the encrypted string onto your clipboard.

I had written this awhile back, while I saw still learning C#. Now, I have improved greatly. Previously, Encryption Checker for Windows could not generate checksums for files, nor could it auto copy the encrypted string. It’s Mac component could

You can download Encryption Checker for Mac, written by the amazing @the0rkus, here. Sorry this came late bro 😛


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